Series garbagebear is based on future trash. Future trash is the ultra rare group which can say there name by pressing a butten. Special edition are robot trash which can be controlled by a romote. In office trash, there are stained tie,[to the right] putrid pen, cough coffee, hacked computer, moldy mop, I-peed, worn out stapler. school trash rotten ruler, dump- erase marker, putrid pencil, moldy school food,and moldy apple. Limited edition r2-dump-doo(500 of him) c3-pee-o (1,467) of him) cy-barf(2,367 of him)and rot-tart(376 of him).

trash toys  barf ball, the pii, X-barf360, Junk-saw-puzzle,  junk-in he box, flatend soccer ball,  Holiday trash, putrid present, smelly stoking, cruddy candy, broken heart, moldy pumpkin, puke-ed,and Farrell firework. Future trash, destoyed hover board,slimy star ship,liter laser, and puke probe. The Grubz quezzy kiwi,