series trashiron!

the grubs-cacky corn dog,roting ravioly, creepy peeps,blubber bread,nude food,unhappy thanksgiving,

junkyard waste-foul football helmet,ABC gum,fatal gate,crap crib,odd unbrella,wasted nuke,mush-room.

moldy oldies-slime spinx,dung dino,trash-saratop,expiered milk,rome ruins,fart fossil,sneeze-gyt.

school trash- dungy desk,hung homework,trash pencil,gakky globe fart folder,dull eraser.

tech trash-trashy time machine,dung-DS XL,used UFO,crazy plug-in,putrid phone,dull lightbulb,x-out xbox,wacked wii gunk-gameboy,ipod NO touch,awful oven.

holiday trash-scar-crow,cack candle,unpresent present,trash tree

the ultra rare team is baby trash which bounce very far.Special edtion is jelly trash which is squishy.

baby trash-dung dollhouse,bum barbie,bad blanket,sick rattle,putrid binkie,mold milk bottle.

jelly trash-grotty jello,mad mashed poo-tato,corny cork,putrid pigfat,cooked dough,beached blobfish,